Where we fish

Depending on the seasonal and weather conditions, we may fish anywhere from the Florida/Georgia border all the way down to southern St. Augustine. From the intercoastal waterways of Amelia Island and the northern St. John's River, to the near coastal waters near Matanzas Inlet and everywhere in between, we'll be sure to guide you on the waters where you'll have the best experience.

We will touch base with you before the trip on where we will meet. Some of the most popular meeting spots will include:

Black Fly Outfitter

11702 Beach Blvd #109, Jacksonville, FL 32246


Vilano Boat Ramp

101 Vilano Causeway, St Augustine, FL 32084


Sister's Creek Boat Ramp

8203 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226


Palm Valley Boat Ramp

377 S Roscoe Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082